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Mapper class employing the depth-locus node expansion strategy with an embedded constants support.

Embedded constants simplify derivation trees during genotype-phenotype mapping phase. They may help to reduce a search space. Constants’ values are stored directly inside a genotype in one or more codons. Encoding parameters are specified in the configuration of DepthLocusEmbConsts mapper under the “embedded_constants” section. Constants identifiers have to exactly match literals (placeholders) used in the grammar. Ranges of constants have to be specified in the configuration, a number of codons used for encoding is optional (default is 1). The type of the constant (Float or Integer) is inferred from types of range limits.

Example configuration:

    class: DepthLocusEmbConsts
        min: -2.0
        max: 2.0
        codons: 2
        min: 0
        max: 80000

For instance, given the configuration above, each occurence of the terminal symbol “C2” is replaced by the random integer constant during the phenotype initialization.

For details see:

The expansion strategy is described in Mapper::DepthLocus.

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